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The BP MS150 raises more money for finding a cure for MS than any other event in the country!  Itís the largest MS150 charity ride in the country, but we can always do better.  In 2009, Team Shell
raised approximately $333,505 versus a target of $300,000In 2008, we raised $272,000 versus a target of $225,000. In 2009, the NMSS had a minimum fund raising requirement of $400/rider, but Team Shell riders on the average raised over twice that amount!

The Team Shell Planning Committee has set a goal of $400,000 for 2012. To view Team Shell's current progress on reaching this goal: CLICK HERE

Letís make a difference.  Proceeds raised during the MS150 go to research, chapter services assistance programs, MS clinics, self-help groups and peer-counseling, education & community awareness. 

  • Since 1998, riders from Shell have raised over $1 Million for the MS 150. Shell is one of a few companies to have achieved the Elite Million Dollar Club status.

  • Letís congratulate our Team Shell TOP 2008 fundraisers: Team Shell's "$3,000 Plus" fundraisers are:

Mark Livingston


Peter Birckhead


Susan Roberts


Jim Pirnik


Darwin Moore


Afif Halal


Andrew Steck


Michael Duvall


Chris Holan


Michael Mahoney


Rod Powell


Jeff Copley


  • Additionally, 76 Team Shell members raised over $1000 to support the fight against MS.

  • When you see the MS150 Tour sign what comes to your mind first?  Do you think about the challenge of riding to Austin?  Do you think about the big party in La Grange?  Maybe you dread the thought of spending nearly 180 miles on that narrow bike seat of yours?    No matter what your motivation, please do not lose sight of the fact that miles will not help cure MS but dollars will.  Your personal pledge and fundraising efforts are absolutely critical to help reach the lone-star chapterís 2011 goal, supporting MS research and client services to more than 17,000 Texan men, women and children living with multiple sclerosis.  With your help, we can set new records, blaze new trails and pave the way in the fight to end multiple sclerosis.

  • Shell strongly encourages you to aim for double, triple or even quadruple your minimum pledge.  For the daring of you, go ahead and leave us in the dust with your 300 Club goal.  The MS150 300 Club is an elite group of cyclists made up of the top 300 fund-raisers. Collectively, these riders raise about 20% money for the MS 150 each year.  To reward these special individuals, each is a member of the 300 Club and receives special benefits before, during and after the ride that are exclusive to members. In 2009, Peter Birckhead and Mark Livingston of Team Shell achieved membership in the MS150 300 Club

  • To learn about fundraising ideas and tips, you may visit: