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Safety is a top priority for the NMSS and Team Shell

Safety is Shell’s # 1 Priority. This applies to the workplace as well as all aspects of our business – including our cycling team. Last year Team Shell did not have any major injuries which is a testament to our Safety First policy. The Team Shell Safety focal point is Alan Bazard, who is welcomed back again this year to make our team safer and more courteous on the road. 

How to Fulfill the Mandatory Team Shell Safety Requirements 

The goal for Team Shell is to complete the 2012 MS150 training series and the Houston-to-Austin ride with Zero Incidents. Towards this goal, all Team Shell riders must meet the following safety requirements:

Safety Requirements

Riders residing within a 75 mile radius from Downtown Houston:

  1. MUST have completed at least one on-bike safety training class since January 1, 2009.  Riders who have not had any such training or their training is out of date will be required to attend one of the classes offered by Team Shell (see below for dates and location), local bike shops, or the MS Society

  2. Complete the MS Society's online Safety Quiz - CLICK HERE. Most of the questions in this quiz are addressed in the MS 150 Safety Zone web pages: NMSS Bike Safety Zone. Note: This is NOT a pass/fail quiz; it is merely intended to raise your awareness of key MS150 safety issues.

Riders residing more than 75 miles outside Downtown Houston who are unable to acquire local training:

  1. Review the NMSS Cycling Tips:


  2. Review the NMSS Safety Tips:

  3. Watch the following National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) safety video: - NOTE: Access to YouTube is not permitted and is blocked on the Shell IT Network.  Please view this video from a non-Shell networked computer.

  4. E-mail the Team Shell Captain when ALL OF THE ABOVE THREE REQUIREMENTS have been completed  Please avoid intermediate completion e-mails, as they will NOT be kept on file.


The Team Shell training classes will be held at the Shell Woodcreek facility located at 200 N. Dairy Ashford, which is only a few hundred yards north of the I-10 feeder road on Dairy Ashford, on the following dates:

  1. Sunday January 29, 2012

  2. Sunday February 26, 2012
  3. Sunday March 18, 2012

Each session will consist of a classroom portion and an on-bike portion.  For the on-bike portion, you'll need to bring your bike, helmet, and riding clothes/shoes.

All classes will be held from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  Please arrive 20-30 minutes early to check-in, get your equipment ready, and make it to the classroom.  Late arrivals will be turned away.


To sign up for a Team Shell training class: Team Shell Order Center  


If you're unable to attend one of these dates, you can enroll in one of the MS Group Riding Skill Courses, which are normally run by local bike shops for a cost of about $30 - CLICK HERE - for schedule of classes. You will need to provide us with a proof of completion.  Normally, completion certificates are issued to all attendees as a standard practice. Once completed, please let us know by one of the following methods:

  • E-mail us a scanned copy of the certificate to ShellCyclingTeam@Shell.Com, or

  • Show the certificate in person to the Team Captain, Mark Poindexter or

  • Mail a photo-copy of the certificate to Mark Poindexter via: a) internal Shell mail to WCK, or b) US mail to 200 N. Dairy Ashford, Houston, Texas 77079.

Alan Bazard has put together an excellent handout on rider safety that will be discussed at the clinics. For a copy of this handout: CLICK HERE.

Our goal is to achieve 100% compliance.  We're counting on you to do your part!

Pictures from January 17, 2010 Team Shell On-bike safety training clinic at Woodcreek

Approximately 85 Team Shell Riders attended the On-bike Safety Training Class at Woodcreek

Instructors (l to r) Pat Phelps, Geoff Donnelly,
Afif Halal and Alan Bazard

"Classroom" training session

Geoff went over safe procedures for breaking and stopping

Alan reviewed proper techniques for making right and left hand turns

Pat taught bike control and avoiding road hazards

Afif provided instruction on pace lines and group riding skills

Bike Safety Inspections

Bike safety inspections will be provided by official MS bike shops (to be announced) and are expected to start in mid February.  Bikes that pass get a safety inspection sticker, which entitles riders to free labor for repairs during the MS 150 ride. Inspections are free until the week before the MS 150 ride when a fee will be charged.  So plan to get your bike inspected early.

Safety Tips

The BP MS 150 is a huge event with cyclists of all abilities.  As part of your training, be sure to participate in group rides such as the CP Training series or the MS Society Recommended Rides. Please remember these key tips about a group ride:


  • Ride smoothly and predictably.
  • Communicate - BOTH ways, call hazards, call when passing and listen to others.
  • Ride your ride at your pace.
  • Listen and respect the Ride Marshals, Medics and HPD officers - they are looking out for our safety.
  • Ride single file or max 2 abreast if on a wide shoulder or a road that is closed to regular vehicular traffic.
  • Enjoy the ride - Remember that this is a fund-raiser to find a cure for MS, not a race!


  • Cross over the center stripe
  • Pass on the right
  • Overlap the wheel of the rider in front of you
  • Ride in pacelines (unless you are very experienced with the general process and the specific group your are riding with
  • Wear headphones (any type) or talk on your cell phone while riding

Other Bike Safety Resources

NMSS Bike Safety Zone - Developed by the MS society for the MS 150 Rides

CLICK HERE for the MS Society’s Official MS150 Safety Resource Center

If you have any questions on biking safety - equipment, clinics, etc. please contact us.

         A good ride is a safe ride